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The College of Homeopaths of Ontario maintains a register of members according to the requirements of its bylaws and the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991. The register includes a list of all individuals who are currently, or who have ever been, a member of the College. The two classes of registration are Full and Inactive class.

The register will provide you with detailed information about homeopaths in Ontario. The inclusion of an individual homeopath on the register indicates that he or she has demonstrated competence via an individual assessment and met a number of other registration requirements. For more information on what it takes to become a registered homeopath in Ontario, check the registration pages of this website.

The register will tell you if a homeopath is allowed to practise in Ontario and if there are any restrictions on her or his practice. It will also provide important information about a homeopath’s disciplinary history and business contact information.

Only individuals who are registered with the College are authorized to use the title “homeopath” and to hold themselves out as homeopaths. All registered homeopaths must display their certificate of registration at their practice location.

The College makes every effort to ensure that all of the information posted on the website is accurate and complete; however, it does not represent, warrant or guarantee that it is and accepts no liability or obligation relating to it.

Several Ways to Access Information

There are several different ways to confirm that a homeopath is currently registered with the College. Information is available here through the public register, or may be accessed by calling the College at (647) 749-9366.

Important Note: The College cannot make referrals or recommendations.

The content of the College's Register is refreshed daily. However, if you have questions or concerns, please call the College at (647) 749-9366.

Search Features

You can search for a registered homeopath by registration number, first name, last name, or city of practice. If you cannot find who you are searching for, email

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